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It was named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. This wall has attracted many tourists from all over the world, every year thousands of people from all age of life young and old, comes to China to see The Great Wall of China.

It was first thought that the fortifications were built by small Chinese kingdoms to protect their irrigated lands along the Yangtze and Yellow rivers from steppe nomads to the north because the first walls were built roughly on a line originally thought to separate the fertile river valleys of the south from the steppe to the north.

During the Warring States period, many feudal societies built their own sections for security.

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This would have been an advantage to patrimonial estate holders as their incomes would have been guaranteed at great cost to the security of the farming population. The economic and military benefits of these works became increasingly critical during the Warring States period, when competition among states drove governments towards increased size, aggressiveness, and public control.

There are no surviving historical records indicating the exact length and course of the Qin walls. The Mongols liked to approach the walls at night on horseback, in small groups.

In there was another major Mongol attack. No wonder they call it the Great Wall. Both Sun Yat-sen and Mao Zedong used the wall as symbols of Chinese strength, pride, hard work and greatness.

For example, the Han dynasty, which ruled China from B. Others are little more than crumbling piles of mud brick with animal shelters carved in them.

In a typical defense the Chinese used crude cannons, arrows cudgels and stones to defend against Mongol attacks. The magnitude of The Great Wall is an architectural achievement as well as an example of the will power of man.

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Great Wall of China