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They moved to using a specific pattern in one or two sentences e. The power to question, challenge, and complain becomes equally shared by both writers.

This reinforced Marina's sense that she could understand and be understood by Americans and communicate with them beyond superficial levels, which she didn't have when she arrived. Dialogue journal writing has also been used successfully with adults with extremely limited literacy skills, who, at the beginning, may know the alphabet, be able to write their name, and, with difficulty, write a few sentences in their native language Spanish but have no writing ability in English.

The writing also reduced the students' writing anxiety.

Dialogue writing between teacher and student for coming late in english

At one point Marina wrote, You asked me about my feelings about the jornal. The authors state, "We assume [the teacher] was striving to scaffold her written interactions to prompt Ali's potential for learning English in this context" p. This correlation cannot be attributed solely to dialogue journal use, as no untreated group of students with the same teachers existed for comparison, and thus teacher selection effects cannot be ruled out. The nonnative English speakers' role in and contributions to the interaction became as important as those of the native English speaker. Shapna: I am also fine by the grace of almighty. These studies focus on the role of interactional dialogues in expanding students' awareness of and engagement with books and authors, with the goal of taking readers deeper into written texts. He concludes by pointing out that this written interaction provides an excellent opportunity to engage in problem posing , [] which can lead to transformation of a community of learners. The authors conclude that dialogue journal writing can allow students "to move through the stages of acculturation naturally, enhancing language acquisition in the process" p. The chapter concludes with helpful tips for setting up and maintaining a pen pal project between children and prospective teachers. Staton and colleagues, [] [] studied the initial years of dialogue journal use between deaf students and teachers in elementary and secondary school and found three potential outcomes: a Initiation of students into functional use of written English through natural dialogue, providing well-formed and sufficient written input for profoundly deaf students, in line with optimal second language acquisition theory.

This provides an excellent summary of these contexts and guidance for working in them. See Casanave [84] for a summary of diverse uses of journal writing in different contexts.

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Four themes emerged during the course of this project: 1 crossing boundaries — elementary school children and university students, and a university professor and elementary school teacher, worked together closely for a year; 2 becoming aware of and sensitive to the broader sociological context — the university students learned to engage with the third grade students about topics the students introduced and to become interested in the lifestyle that the students described, which was very different from their own.

I like it very much, I enjoy doing that.

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Staton [] also noted that students from classes in which the instructors had chosen to use dialogue journals with high frequency 2—3 times per week were twice as likely to re-enroll in English classes the following year and had lower dropout rates. Instructional strategies include establishing a culture of interactive writing by introducing the idea to students continuous writing throughout the semester or school year ; emphasizing that this is authentic communication and not for the purposes of correction or a grade; and describing the form that the interaction will take place e.

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