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Wildlife plays a vital role in this fragile ecosystem and without wildlife the human race would not survive.

A watershed management strategy may ultimately benefit the human inhabitants of the region as well, by providing a cleaner and more reliable water supplyby providing increased protection from floods, and by increasing the aesthetic and recreational values of the river and its tributaries.

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Statessaline swampy areas Sunderbans, Rann of Kutchmangroves, temperate forests, subtropical forests, tropical forests, tropical wet evergreen forests, tropical moist deciduous forests, tropical deciduous forests, tropical thorn, coral reef, etc.

It displays sexual dimorphism, male has a gorgeous occellated tail feathers, which are not found in female bird.

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Wilcox, 11— The reality, of course, is that most protection decisions are made on a political basis. Mortality rate, cub sex ratio, and age at first reproduction most affected survival.

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So, we should aim to minimize total pain or frustration and maximize total pleasure or desire satisfaction overall. Under the effects of heat and moisture of the Sand, the embryos develop and hatch in days incubation period duration. Meffe, G. At a time, the female lays up to eggs. Later it was deemed necessary to begin a captive breeding program. It draws its energy from the environmental movement, from people concerned about the direct effects of environmental change on their own health and well being. Conservation for the twenty-first century. It feeds on grasses, leaves, flowers and fruits. A unique feature of this is presence of musk gland in male, which is chiefly responsible for its decline. It is threatened by the combination of habitat loss and hunting.

For this reason, we need global strategies with global funding, focussing on working with local peoples on integrated strategies for conservation, such as watershed conservation strategies.

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Essays in Wildlife Conservation Chapter 5