What is the difference between discipline

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So rather than sit and reflect on how he can do better next time, a child who is forced to sit in the corner for hours may spend his time thinking about how to get revenge on the caregiver who put him there. No more nagging, yelling, threatening or punishing.

What is the difference between discipline

A study shows a correlation between corporal punishment and stealing, truancy, aggression, hostility, lying, depression and low self-esteem. Punishment interferes with the development of internal controls by teaching children that it is someone else's responsibility to control them and decide what behavior is "bad" and what the consequences will be. Fear And The Brain How do human brains react to fear? Sounds good, right? So while the two are complementary, they are neither interchangeable or opposed. So the difference between discipline and punishment is that: Discipline invokes the thinking brain, while Punishment impacts the emotional brain. But discipline means to teach. What Is Discipline?

This article was published by Michigan State University Extension. Sounds good, right?

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Children who are raised in a way that stresses positive discipline will understand their own behavior better, show independence, and respect themselves and others. Discipline is a positive method of teaching a child self-control, confidence, and responsibility.

Parents, we want healthy brains for our kids, right? Fear And The Brain How do human brains react to fear?

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Discipline and Punishment are not the Same