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eastern gear swot analysis

However, there is a process that exists for an order to be made. Need for objectives in operations. Next, the gear may be sent to heat treating if this operation is required by the customer. Because of the booming business the case is getting worse.

It is not clear at the present time whether operations should emphasize cost, flexibility, delivery, or quality. For example, the drilling center which succeeds the milling center is located diagonally opposite of the milling center, and spans almost the entire factory floor—imagine carrying tons of materials across the entire factory just to continue the next step of the production process.

This is because the company is not producing every time the same gear. How can this case be related to operations strategy and process design concepts? On occasion the customers engineer will call up after the order has been placed and request a change in the design. Therefore, no one is paying attention to the order size.

Eastern gear inc swot analysis

Our college and university level tutors provide engineering online tutoring in areas such as Computer Science, Electrical and Electronics engineering, Mechanical engineering and Chemical engineering. We help students in solving their problems, assignments, tests and in study plans. It does not appear that the company has a strategy or plan for future growth. Both operations strategy and process design concepts are applicable to Eastern Gear, Inc. We have tutors in every subject such as Math, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and English whatever be the school level. For example in one returned order, all the gears were missing a hole. Over the past year 40 different types of steel and brass alloys have been used as raw materials. However, there is a process that exists for an order to be made. At the present time expediting seems to be the rule rather than the exception. These bottlenecks make it difficult to get the orders out on time.

Cheap Assignment Help. Third, Eastern Gear needs to change the layout of the shop. Within the last quarter, 10 new employees have been added to the work force. Finally the distinctive competence of Eastern Gear is that it customizes the gears that it sells catering to the original and personal designs of the buyer, a specialty that not many manufacturers have the resources or capabilities of doing.

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