Unit 1 understanding the organisation

In your current organisation or one that you are familiar with , what methods of learning are available to help with career progression? All rights reserved. It also helps benefit someone who is looking to progress towards a managerial role. Identify a range of sources where a person can find information and advice on the customer service industry, occupations and career progression. If employees have any illnesses or health problems, they must discuss Employee this with their employer to discuss time off and procedures in order to support their health issues or problems. Identify at least two factors that could affect the reputation of your current organisation or one that you are familiar with. Standing order payment service. All new carers had to be part of the classroom based training, which included medicine handling, basic personal care, moving and handling and general customer care training.

Company provides a simple accessible and operational guiding vision for an improvement, when change management involves in operational day to day meetings consulting the employees about a change principles.

Another career position is a bar assistant.

Unit 1 understanding the organisation

Connells Estate Agent Can you provide a brief description of this organisation? Once you have completed all 5 Sections of this Assessment, go to www.

customer service level 2 assessment 3

New situations require a person to react differently and by doing so helps that person to enhance their skill set. S combines activism with marketing, encouraging women to focus on self-esteem as well as social and environmental causes.

These are accessible under the health and safety tab on the company intranet. Supervisions and general feedback also provide them with information of company policies in order to bring about any performance improvements. Organisation type Name of organisation Description of products and services Commercial M. You should also include details of documentation used to support these principles, policies and procedures. Public Police The police provide law enforcement, organisation public protection and public reassurance. When you need to solve problems and negotiate difficult circumstances you provide a solution, give an opportunity, and so help dealing with complaints as problem solving. What is the procedure if an application for access to learning is refused? Employer — Equality and diversity The employer avoids unfair discrimination and responsibilities, when required put correct prevent from punishment or aggressive policies and procedures in place including behavior by the laws existed including social issues for disability, equality, equal pay, deal and economic benefits of equal treatment.

Part 4 — Support for customer service employees This part will help you to evidence Learning Outcome 4: Understand how employees are supported within the customer service role Learning objective Place in Assessment 4.

Describe at least two different types of career pathways that may be available within a customer service role. Complete the table below by describing the differences in customer service between commercial, public and third sector organisations.

Public Public organisations rely on tax collections to pay for the services organisation they provide. These candidates would be given first refusal on taking the course before it would be opened to all carers. However, line managers helps with questions related to career progression including both internal and external sources accordingly Section 3 q2 answers about employees and applicants career progression requirements within an industry. Everyone in the workplace should have the same opportunities and be given the same chances to do things no matter what disability they suffer with. Complete the table below with a description of the products and services for at least two commercial organisations, public organisations and third sector organisations. Communication and team working skills should Trust is also public confidence and large issue be strong, as workforce is growing and of third sector organizations which are professionalizing two-thirds of the sector, concerned. Name: Rebecca Oakey Organisation: Which organisation s are you basing your answers to this assessment on? There is no form to complete , just an email is to be sent to the manage as an official request explaining the reasons behind the request and the relevance to my role and how it could benefit the company, should the request be refused I have 30 days to appeal against the decision and this is looked at by the area director. England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It will help prevent health and safety risks. First the email will go out and once all the opinions have been taken into consideration managers will call a staff meeting in which they will address the opinions alongside the changes.

Employers must make relevant adjustment to suite every one. Name: Tracey Pinkney Organisation: Which organisation s are you basing your answers to this assessment on?

This can be very disturbing and upsetting for a family member to go visiting a close relative grave too see the wrong headstone placed on the wrong base. Internal sources of information could be your line managers, books and documents held within the organisation and staff association representatives.

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