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However, the categories are clearer than on the website as they are supported with an image.

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Along with her team of buyers and designers, gut instincts are followed to introduce elements that they feel are right for the brand. The site, www. Topshop pricing decision will determine its positioning in the Indian market. These included T-shirts, [33] vest tops, and T-shirt dresses, [34] with the labels designed in pink glitter.

Conclusion From the above analysis, it is evident that Topshop has been very effective in its operation. The aim of UNIQUE was to create capsule collections to set trends and to dispel the myth that Topshop's sole aim was to copy the catwalk. It was a small start, with Topshop initially only having space in a Sheffield department store called Peter Robinson.

Typically, such ranges sold out quickly, and attracted column inches in the fashion press.

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The high consumer bargaining power means that Topshop has to develop customer trust in order to sustain its sales growth.

As a new feature for the website, Topshop should allow customers to make reviews and comments alongside products they have purchased. Then the products will be photographed and advertised online or in marketing campaigns to try and entice consumers to purchase the products.

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Through this research we tried to analyse the viability of Topshop to enter into the Indian fashion market, its appropriate method of its entry and the marketing combination it can adopt to successfully kick off in the united states. If consumer needs are not attained especially for price, brand turning is relatively high. This features all of their current products which customers are able to purchase and have delivered to their home address or collect in a chosen store. The brand's style credentials were further underlined with the launch of a special 'Design Collection' in the store. This sponsorship continues and since it has been part of the London Fashion Week catwalk schedule. Otherwise, they could increase their sizing range as currently their largest size is 18 Topshop, As well as their own branded products, Topshop also sells many well-known brands like Adidas and Calvin Klein, these are all featured online but only in selected stores. Lowering the prices would encourage consumer spending as people would be more willing to spend at the brand and would outcome a boost in sales. Things you didn't know about Topshop sells on average 30 pairs of knickers a minute, 6, pairs of jeans a day and 9, pairs of fishnet tights a week. They have different collections to cater for petite, tall and maternity, with clothing size ranging from and shoes size ranging from European size Topshop,

This is the one item Topshop sells every 10 seconds.

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