Thoth god of writing and wisdom

A tradition grew up that Thoth had written forty-two books containing all the knowledge needed by humanity. Nut was then able to give birth to each of her children Osiris, Isis, Set, Nephthysand Horus on each of the days.

Three reasons to love the Egyptian God Thoth He's a trickster. Who doesn't love a trickster god? At certain periods, animals associated with gods were kept in temple sanctuaries as honored pets and mummified after death, so archaeologists have found thousands of baboon and ibis mummies! This tradition was carried over into some of the Coptic gnostic library tractates, and the question arises whether these were Egyptian or Greek in origin since the Greeks had early identified their god Hermes with Thoth.

If all went well, Thoth announced: "What you have said is true. Here are some ways you might call upon Thoth for assistance today: Make an offering of handcrafted writing tools — inks, paper, or a quill pen - if you're working on anything to do with writing or communications -- creating a Book of Shadows or writing a spellfor instance.

thoth symbol

He's the god of magic. He is often seen wearing a lunar disk and crescent on his head or the Atef crown.

Scholar Richard H.

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Egyptian Gods: Thoth