Thesis of lincolns first inaugural address

Lincoln believes that the fate of the Union lies in the hands of his fellow-countrymen.

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Questions for Discussion Read the document introduction, examine the excerpts, and apply your knowledge of American history as well as evidence from the document in order to answer the questions that follow. Some of the devices he utilized were academic diction, ethos, allusion, anastrophe, alliteration, and anaphora.

Instead, he said he would "forego the use of such offices" rather than force "obnoxious strangers" upon the South. It is the fundamental law of all national governments; no government would allow provisions in its constitution that would allow for it to be terminated.

I am loth to close. Lincoln knew what was to come if the two sides could not reach an agreement, and he was right. This is not an issue that can be easily solved but the separation of the Union will make things much worse off than they were before.

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We are not enemies, but friends. Secession: Referring to words in the preamble to the ConstitutionLincoln stated that the Constitution was established "to form a more perfect union" than the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union had effected. As the southern states continued to remove themselves from the Union, Lincoln feared they were attempting to disrupt the order of things in the nation.

Since the Union established under the Articles was explicitly perpetual in name and text, thus the Union under the Constitution was equally perpetual. A wall cannot just be built and all problems and issues forgot.

Lincoln followed this unambiguous statement that he did not have an

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Abraham Lincoln's first inaugural address