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How can I follow new research in a particular field? Locate Australian theses by searching: Trove. At ANU we do not usually require an oral defence or 'viva'. Open Access Theses and Dissertations locates open access, freely accessible theses and dissertations published around the world, using metadata, indexing over 4 million theses and dissertations from over colleges, universities, and research institutions. Phil ; a thesis by compilation sometimes called a thesis by publication and a thesis by creative works. Select the specific library, location or repository from the list of results. The compilation can include works which have been explicitly prepared for publication but not yet accepted, however these should not make up the majority of the text. Theses Canada Portal is the central access point for Canadian theses. Digital Dissertations. Combined catalogue for searching Australian libraries. This is a database of citations and abstracts describing Masters and PhD theses and dissertations. How can I browse recent Australian theses? The advanced search in Trove will allow you to enter keywords, title, creator and subject terms.

ANU Thesis library A great way to get your head around the expectations of a thesis is to read some! These can be located by doing a keyword, author or title search in Library Search. Locate Australian theses by searching: Trove. A thesis by compilation may include works that are solo or joint authored and accepted for publication.

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It is expected that a thesis by compilation has linking text and a foreword to each chapter. Limit your Trove search to theses from universities across Australia and New Zealand.

External Thesis Requests We accept requests from University, Government, Public or Special Libraries and private researchers within Australia and internationally for copies of whole theses.


Go to the homepage of Trove, type in your search terms and hit search. For more information about how examiners make a judgement on a thesis, read this paper by Mullins and Kiley called " It's a PhD, not a Nobel Prize ".

Your thesis will be sent to at least two examiners for evaluation. Hit the search button.

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How do I find Australian theses?