The translation of the odyssey by robert fitzgerald and a comprehensive analysis

The translation of the odyssey by robert fitzgerald and a comprehensive analysis

In the hall of Zeus on Mount Olympos, all the gods but Poseidon gather and listen as Zeus reflects upon the moral failings of mortal men. But while her verse is traditional and flexible, her syntax is so clipped and terse at times she seems to be channeling Hemingway. The result is a lean, wiry Homer, shorn of his more ornamental features.

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He tells of how, on his return from Troy, his men were stranded on an island without any wind. Inspired, Telemachus thanks her for her advice, and she leaves. And though Penelope is presented as a faithful wife, women in The Odyssey, such as Calypso, are often fearsome and predatory, their wiles typically enhanced by their stunning beauty.

Begin when all the rest who left behind them headlong death in battle or at sea had long ago returned, while he alone still hungered for home and wife. The suitors mock him while he readies himself for the trip, careful not to let his mother know about his plans.

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Classical Greek is lighter and the way the accents fall permit great speed of line, whereas in English the initial stress followed by two weak syllables is plodding in comparison. The next morning, Telemachus tells Menelaos about his problems with the suitors and asks if he has news of Odysseus. She returns to her room and weeps for Odysseus. The Russian-doll authorship is, firstly, an innovative way to repeat expositional information the audience already knows but another character does not; we have already heard about Agamemnon's murder at the hands of Aigisthos, and we know about Odysseus' imprisonment on Calypso's island. By Richard H. But Telemachus reminds her that many others did not return from the war. Telemachus is kindly taken in and provided for by Nestor's family, and such hospitality from hosts, and gratefulness from guests, is demonstrated throughout The Odyssey. This lyricization of epic may restore the poetry through the backdoor, but it reveals the tension between Homeric and modern notions of poetry. From the outset, our English translators have all been on the make. The repeated mention of Orestes' murder of his father's usurper is another reminder that Telemachus is in a similar situation. They drink to the gods, especially Athena. The beautiful Penelope joins the suitors and asks the minstrel to stop singing the song of the homecoming of the Achaeans Greeks after the Trojan War, as it reminds her of her husband's absence. It is unfortunately abridged; that is one of the reasons it isn't seriously considered today. We see more use of disguise in Athena's multiple visits, and Penelope is also identified as being cunning.

Given that criteria, I like Fagles' translation of The Iliad best of the half-dozen I've read, and have to call a draw between Fitzgerald's verse, and T. Though this should be a compliment, the suitors try to cast Penelope's cunning as deception, reinforcing the theme of women as predatory.

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