The sanctuary of school

That is how she wants her home life to be or wishes it were that way. She refers to the pledge because she wants the country to take pride in its children and students in school. She ends the essay by describing how her teacher hung her first finished drawing up in a place of honor.

She asks the people of America to not only pledge allegiance to their country, but also to their children. When she first left home in the dark in a fit of panic and anxiety, why did seven year-old Lynda Barry instinctively head for her school?

She cries out of relief.

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The staff- the janitor and several of her teachers- greet her with unaccustomed kindness and she soon encounters her teacher. Barry goes on to describe the tragedy of how modern schools are cutting art, music and other creative activities, as well as after-school programs, the likes of which provided her with happiness and comfort and a home-away-from-home as a child.

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The Sanctuary of School by Alexander Haken on Prezi