The rise of the androids

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Sales were strong and Samsung has shifted over 40 million S2 handsets to date. At the moment, Samsung is experiencing its greatest growth ever in the United States and is not planning to slow down anytime soon. The benefits of its design are far from clear and the news that it will be a limited release to test the market can only dampen any potential excitement.

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Samsung bent over backwards to cater for the U. The basic truth remains that only the most determined Samsung apologist could overlook its policy of copying the competition. In fact, the four of the top five smartphone companies in the world, including Samsung and Huawei, use Android OS on their devices.

As manufacturers found little traction in the tablet market, they slowly began to withdraw.

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The same year Samsung signed an exclusive agreement with Sprint to provide phones for the U. It will take time for that investment to bear fruit and the company has a lot of work to do to change the mindset that has served it so well. How did we get here, and what ultimately killed Android tablets?

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These areas will continue to grow as Apple stays somewhat stagnant. The Galaxy brand looks unassailably strong. The sheer number of options were daunting, given there was no standard of quality that you could rely on. The Galaxy Round looks like a determined effort to announce a flexible display device before LG. While Google may have missed its shot at the tablet market for media consumption, it has a great opportunity on the productivity side of things. The company started out analyzing Motorola and trying to best it. Quite the opposite, in fact. This improved version of the SH was backed by a serious marketing campaign and a charm offensive on distributors. Even one of the more well-received Android tablets, the Nexus 7, leaned toward being a big handset, with its 7-inch display.
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Technology Spotlight: The rise of Android