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Ghost nets can trap or wrap around animals, entangling them. Garbage patches, especially the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, are far out in the middle of the ocean where people hardly ever go. What are the effects on marine life and humans?

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Quotable Captain "So on the way back to our home port in Long Beach, California, we decided to take a shortcut through the gyre, which few seafarers ever cross.

So far, we know that marine debris found in garbage patches can impact wildlife in a number of ways: Entanglement and ghost fishing : Marine life can be caught and injured, or potentially killed in certain types of debris. While it's true that these areas have a higher concentration of plastic than other parts of the ocean, much of the debris found in these areas are small bits of plastic, or microplastics, smaller than 5mm in size that are suspended throughout the water column.

The name "Pacific Garbage Patch" has led many to believe that this area is a large and continuous patch of easily visible marine debris items such as bottles and other litter—akin to a literal island of trash that should be visible with satellite or aerial photographs.

The drones determined that there is times more plastic by weight than previous ly measured. According to a EPA report, "The primary source of marine debris is the improper waste disposal or management of trash and manufacturing products, including plastics e.

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The great Pacific garbage patch may be 16 times as massive as we thought