The fail of camelot a connecticut yankee in king arthurs court

Hank and Clarence organize fifty-two young men at Merlin's Cave to defend the free political system that has grown over recent years; however, the people side with the church.

In the meantime, he learns that the slaves had killed the slave-master in the night and that all of them are to be hanged.

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At first, Clarence seems as slow-witted as all of the peasants around Camelot, but Hank sees potential in him. This led to war between the king and Launcelot and the death of many great knights of the Round Table. Prithee how long?

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And then they all three left Sir Kay, and turned unto Sir Launcelot, and there began great battle, for they alight all three, and strake many strokes at Sir Launcelot, and assailed him on every side.

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At the feast around the Round Table, Sir Kay's turn to tell of his adventures finally arrives, but he is interrupted by Merlin, who tells the story of how King Arthur got his sword from the Lady of the Lake; he puts the entire crowd to sleep.

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