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Sun Sigma is a quality program that conducts audits with reports that recommend changes, tests customer software on high end systems before shipment, and provides checks that make sure a customer's operation stays up and running Borrows, July 24, Quality and improved efficiency must be key concerns in the delivery of network services. The program utilized the tools, technologies and support to enable employees to work from anywhere, anytime. The Real Estate division of Sun Microsystems contacted a local real estate attorney, to enlist her help in finding a suitable location for their new campus. Even before the introduction of the Sun Constellation System in , Sun's products were in use in many of the TOP systems and supercomputing centers: Lustre was used by seven of the top 10 supercomputers in , as well as other industries that need high-performance storage: six major oil companies including BP , Shell , and ExxonMobil , chip-design including Synopsys and Sony , and the movie-industry including Harry Potter and Spider-Man. Storage[ edit ] Sun sold its own storage systems to complement its system offerings; it has also made several storage-related acquisitions. It's the beauty of this method that it allows for very rapid iteration and tests of many alternative user interface designs. Of course, we were well aware that it contained many usability problems e. Sun also wants to tie Net software into its Solaris operating system Borrows, July 24, For the Initial usability studies done using paper prototyping, we printed out early homepage designs on a color printer. We also conducted competitive usability tests where users were observed while browsing WWW pages from other companies.

The program utilized the tools, technologies and support to enable employees to work from anywhere, anytime. However, since then Java has been more successful on the server side of the Internet.

Sun believes quality is of paramount importance. Sun also rewards managers and sales representatives on customer satisfaction. The usability lab has a large one-way mirror that allows team members in the control room to observe the test and discuss its outcome without interrupting the test user.

Usability testing with paper prototypes involves printing out screen designs and having users perform tasks using the printed screens. The users were then asked to sort cards into piles, placing cards that seemed similar to them into the same pile.

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This improves customer satisfaction, profitability, and allows Sun to stay competitive. These tools focus more on application level functionality and tend to be less comprehensive than the previously discussed tools.

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Other software[ edit ] Sun offered other software products for software development and infrastructure services.

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