Silent features of the british constitution

Nature of Conventions: Conventions are deeply rooted in the British Constitution. Unreality: Another characteristic of the English Constitution is its unreality. Sovereignty of Parliament: British Parliament is very powerful and Supreme. Judicial precedent. In the modern times, the British have been extraordinary able to adopt their political institutions to new needs and new ideas within a framework of legality.

There are fundamental differences between their system and ours. The Monarch reigns but does not rule. This explains the P.

There are many conventions which are only known to the Cabinet, Judiciary and Parliament.

salient features of british cabinet

The king ruled with the help of the Great Council or Magnum Concilium — a body consisting of royal officers, church dignitaries and other leading men of the kingdom. It has an unbroken continuity of development over a period of more than thousand years.

In contrast, no provision of Monarchy exists in case of Indian Constitution. The local government machinery is merely an agent of the Central Government. No convention in India that he will be elected uncontested.

Silent features of the british constitution

There is a great difference in its appearance and its reality. Its functions also no longer remained merely advisory. Thus, an improvement will always occur in the British constitution after some time and a new constitutional document will be added afterwards. British Parliament has grown through some three hundred years of history. The Rule of Law: It requires that no one be punished except one has committed clear breach of law. This fact results largely from the unwritten character of the Constitution, which is mainly based on conventions. It is a very fundamental concept having following aspects: Legality: All state actions must be authorized. In recent decades, there has been an upsurge in judicial activism for several reasons: Judges have been more willing to review and quash ministerial action British membership of the EU The incorporation of the ECHR European Convention on Human Rights into domestic law Devolution of powers to elected assemblies in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland The creation of a Supreme Court in It can do anything, except make a man a woman and conversely. The Secretaries are not members of the Congress.
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Salient Features of British Constitution