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Why do they do this? Pin The most important, if not the most fundamental, thing you need to understand about SAT grammar rulesis how to construct sentences.

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Correct: using a conjunction : Studying every day is not how I want to spend my summer, because I want to make lasting memories with friends. Thesis: Many reasons exist for me to like vanilla ice cream.

Then, move on to the example. With proper training, many athletes.

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Likewise, they feel flustered, once they get to college, by the many demands of their new environment. Even though many students apply to out-of-state schools, they end up choosing a local college. Converted to Thesis Statement: Because most teenage driving fatalities occur after dark, I believe teenagers should not be allowed to drive their cars after the sun sets. Remember, all you need to do is write four paragraphs — there is no time for a 33 page doctoral thesis on the essay prompt - so do NOT try to write one. More on that in a bit. Correct: using semicolon : Studying every day is not how I want to spend my summer; I want to make lasting memories with friends. Put yourself in the shoes of a Test Grader. Thinking is good — just writing is bad. The topic sentence will directly state the focus, direction and purpose of the paragraph. Ralph Waldo Emerson Paragraph 1 - You must care about something in order to really create greatness. The person who lies for you will lie against you. Paragraph 4 — Without genuine passion, excellence is unattainable. Rinse and repeat Your next body paragraph could follow the same basic structure.

Since you will know what the focus and purpose of Paragraph 2 needs to be because you did an outline that sketched out the main idea of this paragraph before you started writing this essay… remember section 1, Well-Structured?

After all, a lot of us have had the experience of staring blankly down at a paper that stares blankly back. I have bolded the part that shows the comma splice. Moreover, it is leading to conditions that, in the long run, will harm us all. Logical reasoning.

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SAT Essay Body Paragraph Structure