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Indeed, Mama becomes almost synonymous with the hurricane: her watery belly is a metaphor for the water chaos of Hurricane Elaine. She left us to learn to crawl. She left us a dark Gulf and salt burned land. The kids rush into the room, where Daddy is unharmed. Embedded in these Biblical references are nods to punishment and apocalypse that endow Hurricane Katrina with the power to kill and cleanse. She lives with her father and 3 brothers in small bayou town called Bois Sauvage in Mississippi. He finds a chainsaw and cuts a hole in the roof just as the water nearly swallows them up. They catch him shoving a package he takes from his dresser into his pants. Skeetah calls for China, hysterical. Another moment Her father had been a gang member; he eventually abandoned the family, but not before the pit bull he was raising attacked Jesmyn, sending her to the hospital. Her older brothers are Randal Batiste, a year-old talented and promising basketball player and Skeetah, a year-old and owner of a prized pit bull called China, the only other female member of the family. For her brothers, Esch, like her mother, is the glue that links whole family together. Esch is also the one to answer the phone when the automated call comes warning the family of the hurricane.

The memories about their mother help all siblings to handle their. Esch is the main caregiver for her brothers and.

Salvage the bones11

It encourages them to evacuate and renounces all responsibility for their lives if they do not. Esch notices the detritus of the yard floating in the water. This paper analyzes the character of Esch Batiste, highlighting her struggles and transformation from the beginning of the novel to the end.

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Another moment Skeetah dismisses this idea. She remembers her mother telling her about Hurricane Camille, as well, and about how the water made Papa Joseph, Mother Lizbeth, and her sick after the storm.

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Her father has problems with alcohol, and her mother died after her last pregnancy when Esch was only 8 years old. One by one, each member of the family jumps onto the tree. Randall recalls a family who drowned in their attic during Hurricane Camille. Biblical motifs are also ubiquitous in this chapter. Moreover, Daddy also uses expressions that Mama used to tell, even making the same mistakes. Esch is dumbfounded, as she believes China knew the tree would fall before it did. China, the pit bull mama, is just as much a character as the people in this novel, as well as a symbol of strength, power, and vengeance. Ward also follows up on similes that compare Skeetah and Randall to various sharp and metallic objects by emphasizing that the boys are now growing softer.

Though Esch still encounters imagery linking men to metal, it comes this time in the form of an anonymous man on the telephone with an "iron throat," who informs her of the coming hurricane Esch is only fifteen years old when she realizes that her life is collapsing in on her.

Moreover, Daddy also uses expressions that Mama used to tell, even making the same mistakes. Medea is an influential literary character that guides Esch to become a stronger woman.

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