Roles and behaviors of entrepreneurs and

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traits of an entrepreneur

Hence, by behaviour, he dislikes working for others. Novel information reveals potential threats that results in automatic physiological responses, which is more satisfying to some than it is to others.

entrepreneurship not personality trait but a behaviour

They invest a lot of time planning growth strategies and have an innate ability to align employee responsibilities with company goals, thus accelerating the growth of the firm.

So, he has the hopes of achieving success in all his works and hence it very conscious about himself. In other words, entrepreneurship exists in its context as Figure 1. And in business, most chief executives and reasonably able mid-level to senior managers will be accustomed to obtaining positive responses from their personal interventions.


Measures skills and behaviors associated with being able to move a business agenda forward in the face of uncertain and ambiguous circumstances. Activity 1 Referring to the characteristics of successful innovation, complete the Characteristics of the entrepreneurial firm checklist.

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The Behavioral Traits Of A Successful Entrepreneur