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Rochester, as an Englishman, looks down on Antoinette because she is a Creole.

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Throughout the story, we can find that Antoinette is virtually defenseless. It is thoughtless to condemn them, or laugh at them, if they seek to do more or learn more than custom has pronounced necessary for their sex. Long, sad, dark alien eyes. Jane battles a daunting but distinguishable foe. Nature is a sort of utopia which Antoinette created for herself in the absence of an attentive mother, she describes the safety she finds in the garden at Coulibri: When I was safely home I sat close to the old wall at the end of the garden. Mason, and Richard Mason, Antoinette's stepbrother. His noble status is a determining factor that he can play a leading role in marriage. Rochester believes what he reads, and when he returns to the house Antoinette and the servants can sense that his attitude toward her has changed. The novel is also considered a feminist work, as it deals with unequal power between men and women, particularly in marriage.

At night, she explains, when Grace Poole is asleep, she steals the keys to the attic and sneaks about the house. For Antoinette, even happiness is not real and elicits fear Rhys College Literature, 26, Mason sends her to live with a couple who torment her until she dies, and Antoinette does not see her again.

Like Jane, Antoinette has difficulty finding comfort in religion when confronted with the death of someone close to her.

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But the honeymoon is short-lived, as Rochester receives a malicious letter from a man who claims to be Daniel Cosway, Antoinette's stepbrother. Betrayed, Antoinette seems to go mad herself.

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Still, he reflects, there was a tremendous incentive for him to do so: his new wife's stepbrother has given him unconditional control of her entire dowry. Antoinette tries to reassure him and help him understand the Caribbean way of life, and for a while this seems to work. When the couple arrives at Granbois, Antoinette's inherited estate, the man feels increasingly uncomfortable around the servants and his strange young wife. Her husband is an English man. But Rochester is not interested in loving Antoinette. Christophine resists, suggesting that Antoinette leave her husband instead. One night, rioters burn the house down. Worried about where Helen will go after death and if Jane too will go there, she asks herself, "Where is that region? Being a seemingly noble English gentleman, he had undesirable prejudice against Antoinette. Mason praying, Antoinette remarks sardonically that God, "who is indeed mysterious, who had made no sign when they burned Pierre as he slept -- not a clash of thunder, not a flash of lightening -- mysterious God heard Mr. Race[ edit ] Antoinette and her family had been slave owners up until the Slavery Abolition Act and subsequently lost their wealth. Rhys got educated at the Convent School. Antoinette's increased sense of paranoia and the bitter disappointment of her failing marriage unbalance her already precarious mental and emotional state. The female characters in her novels are mostly marginalized in western patriarchal society and exiled both culturally and sexually. The Journal of Heze University, 33,
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