Research paper on hidden curriculum

The necessity of speaking about the hidden curriculum has been highlighted by medical educators [ 7 — 9 ]. This essay has briefly described the educational nuance in Finland and Indonesia from the written curriculum documents and works of literature.

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To what extent do you believe a written curriculum for the various disciplines plays a role in this case. Some of the nurses in the wards also gave us a bad time in the wards. Received Jun 19; Accepted Apr Learning connected with the hidden curriculum may have potential undesirable consequences on trainee educational development [ 3 ]. The three most frequently mentioned characteristics of positive role models were politeness, good communication with students in any field, and proficiency in their specific field. These scripts were divided to sentences and phrases and named as units. The concept emphasizes that students absorb informal lessons, for example, how to interact with teachers, peers, and other adults, how should they understand and perceive different classes of people and racial group; as well as what behaviors and ideas are considered to be unacceptable and acceptable These people also believe that all students no matter their location, socioeconomic status, and race have the same access and quality of education, but ultimately they are wrong. The work done is monotonous, and organized to suit the needs of the capitalist. However, the effect of the hidden curriculum, as powerful concept in medical education, on students learning, has not been sufficiently recognized in most of the revised curriculum around the world [ 2 , 15 , 16 ]. Empowerment through education can be signified by the ability to think critically, communicate effectively and literacy. Results Four main themes emerged in this study: role modeling, personal attitude and beliefs, hierarchy, social, and ethnic culture.

Some of the nurses in the wards also gave us a bad time in the wards. As she grows she is made aware of her duties and of what is expected of her. Tyler's Basic Principles of Curriculum and Instruction - Ina small book had a big impact on education.

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However, there are varying perceptions of the role of education in the life of and individual. This starts with the appraisal that mechanisms described with the term have been noticed very little in concepts of political education, and as a result, the social context of school as learners' common habitats is noticed too little.

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Ethics approval and consent to participate This study was approved with ethical approval number in Ethics committee of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences.

Total explanation of the phenomenon under study was delivered to allow readers, thereby allowing them to associate the instances of the phenomenon defined in the research report with those they had observed to appear in their situations.

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This is, in part, due to the various interpretations, meanings, emphasis and approaches that the scholars of curriculum studies embark upon. Data gathering was done based on the data saturation concept. According to Marsh and Willis , curriculum is usually regarded to mean a program of instruction at a school including both the planned and unplanned events in the classroom pp. In most cases girls do not have the confidence to attempt to break stereotypical borders, by taking on non traditional subjects. Another student said: I am not a native student and I have some problems communicating with other students. Curriculum is much more than these things and therefore within curriculum there will be many complex issues to be dealt with. Curriculum had always been thought of as a static, set program, and in an era preoccupied with student testing, he offered the innovative idea that teachers and administrators should spend as much time evaluating their plans as they do assessing their students. Cooperation and team activities are mentioned as positive points in this theme.

The traditional ideas of what a woman is or is supposed to be are linked to the socialization process. The last theme was about social and ethnic culture. Limitation The limitation of this study was that the study was done based on interviews and we could not observe the students.

Research paper on hidden curriculum

Closely linked to the idea of sexism is the concept of stereotypes.

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Hidden Curriculum Research Papers