Renewable energy and sustainable development

This residue, which is caused by fossil fuels, cannot be re-used in any way; and therefore, it causes environmental pollution Dogan and Seker Dogan E, Seker F. Corruption, institutions, and economic development.

In the second part, the relationship between renewable energy and sustainable development is examined, as is the literature on the effect of renewable energy on sustainable development.

Moreover, impact of renewable energy on sustainable development is more than the impact of non-renewable energy. In other words, as the use of renewable energy by countries increases, the possibility of reaching the targets which were defined by the UN is increasing as well.

Renewable energy, non-renewable energy and sustainable development All authors. Each will provide a basic overview of the principles underlying a particular technology before going on to discuss some of the specific features and considerations that might be relevant in terms of technology selection.

This study is organized as follows. In this respect, the present study aims to analyse the effect of renewable energy on sustainable development in developed and developing countries.

The most important pioneering study in this field belongs to the United Nations UN. Development is not possible without energy and sustainable development is not possible without sustainable energy. For this reason, it has become necessary to cover the ever-increasing energy need in order to achieve sustainable development; in other words, to improve the living standards of individuals, to realize the production necessary for society, and to minimize the pollution of the resources used in these processes Ozturk and Acaravci Ozturk I, Acaravci A.

In the lead article, Giovanni Valensisi focuses on LDCs and offers insights to help inform strategies for the deployment of renewable energy.

why renewable energy is important for sustainable development
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Renewable Energies for Sustainable Development