Rain water harvesting business plan ppt

After first flushing of rainfall, water should pass through filters. Water accumulating in the tank percolates in the solid to augment the ground water. You can take up courses like this to know your trade better. Financial Aspect Apart from the usual costs required to set up a business in India, it costs around Rs.

The total cost for the course is around Rs 8, The storage tank has to be designed according to the water requirements, rainfall and catchment availability.

According to the act, both new and old buildings, houses and apartments need to have the system in place within nine months.

rainwater harvesting startup

Abandoned bore wells can also be used for recharge. These can be built in big campuses where land is available and topography is suitable. There are many reasons but following are some of the important ones. Add the annual maintenance services to this package and what you have is a gargantuan business opportunity.

Percolation tanks Percolation tanks are artificially created surface water bodies, submerging a land area with adequate permeability to facilitate sufficient percolation to recharge the ground water.

Methods of Roof Top Rainwater Harvesting Storage of Direct use In this method rain water collected from the roof of the building is diverted to a storage tank.

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How To Start a Water Harvesting Business and Plan