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To be lost in a sea of words is depressing. List the details of your interventions. Cunningham C, Newton R.

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Write the abstract. Interventions are often multiple, and readers may learn as much or even more from the interventions that didn't work as from those that did.

Provide the actual data used, either in table form directly in your text or as appendices if space does not permit. When a project is successful, celebrate and acknowledge that success.

The context matters much more than in clinical research, and the methods and the strategies for change are usually much more important than the results—because they are generalisable in a way that the results are not.

Now that the entire report is complete, go back and create an abstract that summarizes the article and entices the reader to absorb the entire article. Communicate your results. Use established quality measures, such as those from the National Quality Forum www.

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Most readers who are lost simply give up. Describe your strategy for changing the situation. In most cases, charts, graphs and other visuals are appropriate to convey the significance of the changes made.

Quality improvement project template

This may be because they are too busy to publish or because journals won't accept their submissions. Not all acronyms translate across different organizations, even within the same industry. Moss F, Thompson R. Identify what activities can be applied system-wide to achieve similar outcomes in other areas of your organization. Interpret the quality improvement. Create a problem statement. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Describe any other research that influences your decisions to implement your changes based on successes in similar situations. But it might be because reports on improvement projects are hard to write and because the traditional structure of scientific articles IMRAD: introduction, methods, results, and discussion is unfriendly to such reports. Quality Improvement Models and Tools Quality improvement models present a systematic, formal framework for establishing QI processes in your practice.

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Basics of Quality Improvement