Pros of legalizing weed essay

Crime and violence, both within the U. My reason is because people have fear of abuse if it is legalized but in reality people are abusing it as I write this paper. Alternative forms of treatment meant in assisting patients overcome seizures are rather expensive. Any subject.

As ofthe U. There are no significant fiscal reasons against U. Futhermore, the American society has viewed marijuana in such a negative way that it holds people to the reputation as a loser or stoner. Other numerous drugs are proven not to have the ability of easing the pain associated with such muscle pain Holland, Murray and Reingold, 4.

Marijuana prohibition currently costs state and federal governments over twenty billion dollars a year. Moreover, individuals who have a historical reputation in the use of marijuana are reported to perform lower on intelligence tests, compared to other individuals who are free from the use of the drug.

More than half these deaths are caused by alcohol poisoning.

why medical marijuanas should be legal articles

Victimless crimes overall are more potential to hurting the economy and society as a whole by keeping them illegal then if they were legal. So I do declare that if America wants to smoke then smoke and roll!

America as a whole should legalize medical marijuana as other states already have.

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Pros and Cons of Legalizing Marijuana in the U.S