Principles of good writing according to l.a hill

One can learn writing by writing only.

what are the basics of effective writing

We must be interested in what we are writing. Likewise, to write something interestingly, we must ourselves be intensely interested in writing and should have strong belief on what we say. A:- According to Hill, we should develop the art of seeing and hearing things around us keenly and responsively as an artist does.

To keep up the image that the natives had of a sahib, the sahib had to do what the natives expected him to do. A would-be writer should choose subjects of which he has A personal experience b second hand information c estimated d idea.

Summing up Hill is a writer of promising skill.

methods of effective writing

Recent trends in educational practice, a cl come out to correct English, and teaching English as a second language are some in truth important to mention. A:- By carefully reading magazines that are written for particular king of readers e.

His abilities are fully reflected in this thought provoking essay.

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Principles of Good Writing by L.A. Hill