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So, we must get them involved in this national task. Some of these are used directly while others are used to build different things that are used widely by us.

Conservation of natural resources usually focuses on the needs and interests of human beings, for example the biological, economic, cultural and recreational values such resources have.

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Conclusion Conservation of nature is important to ensure a balanced environment. Conservation of Natural Resources and Traditions of India. Nonrenewable sources for power generation, home and workplace, and transportation cause pollution and its harmful impacts.

Types of Natural Resources There are basically two types of natural resources.

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But some like forests, minerals, oil, etc. If we continue to exploit natural resources at this pace we will end up creating an imbalance in the environment. These resources are further employed to produce various things that make the lives of human beings as well as other living beings comfortable. It is thus essential to conserve these resources in order to keep the environment intact. This movement was started by the women in Gopeshwar village in Garhwal in the Himalayas. Energy conservation and the use of renewable fuels provide cost-effective and more sustainable alternatives. Survival of Future Generation Natural resources such as water, air and sunlight are abundantly available in the atmosphere. While few of these natural resources are available in abundance in nature and can be replenished fast others take time to renew. Simple things such as turning off the electric appliances when they are not in use and switching to energy saving lights, such as LED lights, to save electricity can help in this direction. Biotic: These resources are derived from living beings and organic material such as plants and animals. It is essential to use such renewable resources carefully as these are limited and we need to wait before they replenish naturally. However, there are many renewable resources such as wood, soil, etc that take years to renew. Flooding or rivers can be prevented by protecting trees in the forest. Hence, give power to computers and other electronic devices that we cannot image our life without. Stronger advocates of preservation however, adopt a less human-centred approach to environmental protection, placing a value on nature that does not relate to the needs and interests of human beings.

How to preserve natural resources? Industrial wastes effluents should be treated to prevent chemical and thermal pollution of fresh water.

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Raw oil is not being applied except its priceless products such as gasoline, kerosene and diesel fuel. Conservation of Nature Essay 2 words Introduction Nature fulfils our basic requirement to live by providing us air, water, land, sunlight and plants. Rainwater harvesting should be done by storing rainwater and recharging groundwater. It is necessary to develop new ways of preserving natural resources not only for our generation but for coming ones too. The Department of Forest, Government of India has given much emphasis on Afforestation and development of waste lands, reforestation and plantation in the existing forest, prohibition of grazing and elimination of forest contractors. You can also do your bit by employing rain water harvesting system to reuse water. In fact, when we disclose the meanings behind them, we will see that the ways they treat the environment behind these two doctrines are distinct. Abiotic: These are derived from non-living things and non-organic material. Conclusion Conservation of nature is important to ensure a balanced environment.

Conservation of nature is an issue that must be taken seriously. The rain forest for example, contains a wide range of biodiversityproviding food stocks for local populations and a source of timber and medicines for other countries.

Some examples are given here.

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The Kaziranga National Park in Assam is famous for one-horned rhinoceros. Simple things such as turning off the lights before leaving the room, unplugging the electrical appliances when they are not in use, avoiding printing of paper and using the e-copies wherever you can, loading the washing machine fully while washing the clothes and using bucket instead of shower or pipes while bathing and washing cars can help in conserving natural resources. These resources are used to prepare things that come handy in our lives. We have grown so accustomed to using various things in our day to day life that we do not realise that in doing so we are consuming a good amount of natural resources. If we continue to exploit natural resources and deplete them at this rate, we shall not be able to survive on this planet for long. Let us act now and persuade others to join us. There is no human intervention in producing these resources. Read on to learn about these in detail: Certain resources are renewable while others are non-renewable. Restrict Usage of Paper Paper is made out of wood which is a renewable natural resource. Let us know how to protect the biodiversity. These resources are further used to manufacture various things that make life more convenient and comfortable for the human beings. Mitigation of such threats should be taken into consideration and recovery planning and preparation is key.

The government is using methods to pick these things from the waste to recycle them. The forest policy was again revised in and the main objective of the revised forest policy of is.

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