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Even after the event, you can offer a recorded version of the webinar. You can pin photos of employees volunteering at a local food bank or playing kickball in a league. General tips like business productivity, office space savers, and even office etiquette are all fair game.

You can create pins for case studies, with the visual being a jaw-dropping statistic or an image representing what happened — a handshake symbolizing a sale, for example. Offer tips and tricks. Set up a board for your case studies. Add a board to show your company out and about in the world.

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An avid reader and writer, Holly graduated from the University of Missouri with a dual major in Journalism and English. Make the header images for your blog posts this easy to share. That information can help your Pinterest marketing strategy evolve going forward. Anything from the Holiday Gala for the Humane Society to an international conference is fair game. If someone really loves the quotes you pin, they may end up checking out your company as a whole. Create a board of company infographics. Add other pins of employees in action. The image above shows our Pinterest board of webinars and SlideShares. Print advertisements, billboards, and any other types of offline advertising can also merit their own board. Post them on Pinterest for everyone to see.

Doing this ensures you get your pins in front of as many eyes as possible and help build your Pinterest following.

You can still have a case studies board — just post other case studies that you admire.

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