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Third, I will add a fourth event I feel was significant to the turning of the war. One day, in the absence of my parents, I ran away from home, hoping never to return. We went on serval dates and we decided to get married on October 22, These tests have refueled the conflict between Pakistan and India.

Most of these highly debated topics will never be answered. There have been a lot of these points in my life but one that I think has made me a better person to this day is when I found out my father was diagnosed with a terminally ill form of cancer that could take his life any day if he did not have an emergency operation.

Encouraged by Richard C. In fact, I continued getting worse and my grades continued going down. I have got an excellent mark.

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Others would advise them to beat me thoroughly in case of any misbehaving. This major event in the Vietnam War is called the Tet Offensive. My grades started rising. On the contrary, I used to find myself in danger for no good reason or without much effort from my side.

Instead, they should use them as springboards for the changes they know that they need in life. In most cases, turning points are not similar.

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The First Turning Point of my Life