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That said, it is possible to encourage attendance by local people through cultural events and promotions. A student either sees the classroom as a positive place to learn or a negative space they are forced to attend every day.

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We stayed in a resort in Manali that goes by the name The Highland Park. It is common for IELTS candidates to only discuss one aspect, either causes or solutions, but not both. We met a wonderful, graceful, caring family. So it felt like something written to symbolize a name that is no more existent now, or so I took it for no particular reason.

The last day we roamed around local Leh market.

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Interestingly, this law-mandated change was energetically enforced much more by citizens than by authority forces. It was slimmer, narrower than others, easy to write in binding, but it was costly, so I let it go. So we are talking about how we work and live, which is in turn impacted by certain processes at play. We saw them in the way towards Pangong Lake. The first km or so stretch was Wretched, Cracked, Dilapidated but the remaining stretch is what motor cyclists come Leh for. Now is only an open vessel, through which time is being siphoned, not some measurable moment one can sit in, enclosed. Such is the case with Perugia for me. A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. Now, irony is retrieved from banal finitude, and can be placed back where it belongs: at the core of our being. Examples for me have been bug spray or deodorant.

Taken in Galway city centre. This state-of-the-art facility contains touch-screen displays, and a plethora of sensor-activated exhibits all of which delighted me.

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But as it turned out, it was going to be our home for 3 days. The second reason that inspires me to move to new places is to get more experience about the world which I am living in.

We started from Jispa early in the morning as always.

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Photo Essay: People and Places of Iceland