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Back To Index Contribution of Immigrants to the United States The old immigrants played a key role in the development of America, as along with them, they also brought over different ideas, cultures, and traditions with them.

Old Immigrants vs New Immigrants - President Theodore Roosevelt Video The article on the Old Immigrant vs New Immigrant provides detailed facts and a summary of one of the important events during his presidential term in office.

The Dillingham Commission produced a report containing 41 volumes on the subject of Immigration in the United States and kicked off the debate surrounding "Old Immigrants vs New Immigrants" in the United States.

Though the reasons of the two groups seem to differ, the essence of these reasons is similar. America had a lot of land and resources which were yet to be utilized, and which could mean economic success for those who hadn't had the proper opportunities to achieve the same, yet.

It was perceived to be the land of dreams, the land of opportunity, and the land of success. The old immigrants made up the early waves of settlers who came to establish their lives in America. Old Immigrants vs New Immigrants Chart for kids The Old Immigrants vs New Immigrants chart provides a fast overview that details and defines the differences between the two groups of immigrants to the United States of America.

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The English immigrants were known to shape the governance, the language, and the unique culture of the country. The old immigration era lasted till the mid s.

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Old Immigrants vs New Immigrants for kids: Ethnic Groups Ethnic groups tend to be associated with shared cultural heritage, history, language and ancestry and include shared aspects such as religion, rituals, customs, cuisine and similar styles of dress.

Although the report contained many statistics and information it failed to take into account that the new immigrants were recent arrivals to America. This perception was firmly embedded in the minds of countless immigrants who made their way to America to create better lives. These cultural influences are apparent in the music, art, and social life in America.

This highly prejudiced view is referred to as the 'Dillingham Flaw' that made unfair comparisons of the "old" and the "new" immigrant.

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New Immigrants Vs. Old Immigrants