Negative outcomes of french revolution essay

The people to land proportion was also not fair as many wealthy people had the means and ability to buy land as opposed to the poor or the commoner who would not have the means or the rights to own land.

Their place was extravagant at the palace of Versailles. It was considered as a crisis event due to its profound impact on France, and the other European countries.

how revolutionary was the french revolution? essay

Though the struggle was long but it was worth fighting for. The American Revolution ties with the Enlightenment as well. As for the 2nd Estate, it was made up 1. The average people and peasants were determined to develop an equal status in society. Equality was enforced during that time.

Being allocated to discover circumstances and end results of French Revolution, it is very hard to be maximally extensive with answer.

Negative outcomes of french revolution essay

It was believed to be the period of uprising of French people who have been oppressed since several centuries. It was considered to be the basic and natural right of the citizens of France. Its causes ranged from the American Revolution, the economic crisis in France, social injustices to the immediate causes like the fall of Bastille, the Convening of he Estate-General, and the Great Fear.

A new political government began to form; borders of cities and countries were redrawn on European maps. In the end, the outcome of revolutions are usually good but, sometimes it might not be what people want.

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Positive and negative effect of the French Revolution