Macro environmental factors affecting maruti

Less labour laws and rules compared to most other EU countries.

macro environmental factors affecting automobile industry

As the foreign player gives Maruti a heavy competition in its domestic market so as the Maruti started giving them in their market.

Maruti More and more Players of industry are now focusing upon low emission, high mileage and low cost vehicles.

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Recent research shows that most of the population of UK are above the age of From identifying the most suitable car coverage to virtually hassle-free claim assistance it's your dealer who takes care of everything. The Cash Cow cycle deals with low growth and high share.

Internal and external environment of maruti suzuki

Pricing strategy: Maruti is the price dictator in Indian automobile industry. MSIL has used various media of promotion TV There have been a lot of advertisements through this media as most of the target audience connects to MSIL through its emotional TV commercials where the company touches everyone irrespective of their Demographics, Age, Occupations, etc. Share this:. Also, a lot of focus is put on developing the hydrogen propelled cars. Differentiation- creating something that is perceived industry wide as unique. Thus reducing the bargaining power of the suppliers. Omni has been given a major facelift in terms of interiors and exteriors two months back. It was soon replaced by Swift Dzire to gain back the lost market share. Maruti Zen and Swift are in this scenario. The company was founded to target the middle class of India but now it offers cars of every price range. Maruti Suzuki has also got to improve its product positioning in the SUV market in order to compete with the traditional brands — Mahindra, Tata as well as foreign brands — Mercedes, Audi etc. Hence the new Zen Estillo was launched into the market. Technologies deployed by the Maruti was as sophisticated as fine atomization to achieve fuel droplet diameter in microns for optimised combustion and was as practical as using engineering polymers instead of metal in certain engine parts for weight reduction. The socio-cultural factors and consumer preferences also have a major and direct impact on the auto industry.

Economic Factors Maruti Suzuki was ranked twentieth in terms of worldwide sales volumes amongst all automobiles manufacturers across the world.

The company has to deal with the increment in taxes which make them raise the prices of their products.

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Analysis of Maruti Suzuki