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Journal of Second Language Writing, Vol. Are there significant differences in the characteristics across proficiency levels?

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The findings of the present study should be applied to classroom instruction so that curricular adjustments can be made in English instruction both at secondary and tertiary education.

Quirk, R. Unlike previous communication media, the internet is global, interactive and electronic.

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Regression analyses were employed to examine significant predictors of essay scores. Which is shown on every page of the novel. It can be in the form of verbal words, in the form of written words, or even in the form of signed words, but it is something that as humans we all use in one way or another. All essays were rated by me and two raters who had between 10 and 15 years experience teaching English. First, teachers must make their students be aware that certain linguistic features impact the value attached by their teachers in assessing their writing. Espada-Gustilo, L. The need for language evolved as a way for people to express their thoughts, their feelings and emotions, and even their fears. This recommendation was followed in the present study by employing texts. This is denoted by the way Neil talks to himself or arguably the audience, about what is going on. Adverb-wh, relative clauses, and passives were the least frequent clause-level structures used by the writers, which might be due to the complexity in structuring these types of clauses. Varied sentence structures, for example, those that employ subordinations and introductory participial phrases, among other complex structures, must be explored by students in their writing to avoid monotonous style of writing. Patterns of elaboration and inter-language development: An exploratory corpus analysis of college student essays. Table 1 shows the number of essays for each proficiency level. Gregg, N. They found that computer-tagged linguistic features have the facility to unfold differences in the use of linguistic features.

A controlled writing prompt written below was administered by the participating teachers either on their first or second day of classes: In not less than one page, single-spaced essay, write your ideas on the topic, The Importance of the English Language in the Different Areas of My life: personal life, academic pursuit, and professional life.

TABLE 2. Rather, it enables raters to assess the overall quality of essays while considering usually four elements: organization, language use, content, and mechanics. The word class tags in the tagger is based in part on Quirk et al, A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language Humans needed a way to communicate with each other to express things.

The language features we use can be referred to as multi-modal communication.

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The number of unique words or different words in an essay, a measurement 58 3L: The Southeast Asian Journal of English Language Studies — Vol 17 1 : 55 — 64 of the size of the vocabulary of the author, has a steady increase from low to mid and high score essays.


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It is also interesting to note that the writers across the three levels favoured coordination structures vis-a-vis subordination. The analyses revealed that most of the general text characteristics e. Journal of Learning Disabilities. Humans needed a way to communicate with each other to express things. As a result, we could make connection with others. The data were analyzed using multiple regression. A computer text analysis of four cohesion devices in English discourse by native and non-native writers.
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