Life and death in assisted living

And some of these medications are life or death. You know, we needed to keep up our numbers. And— you know, and I basically use that time to apologize to her for not being the voice that she needed, for not demanding more of the people that we trusted with her care. The executives maintain that employees who frequently complained about insufficient staffing and were interviewed for the project are merely disgruntled.

Overly broad. So those things all should have been done. Not only did the caregivers not have it, the directors didn't have it. I had to look, and I go— and my honest answer was, "I'm not as overjoyed as I thought I would be.

deaths in assisted living facilities

So there's a lot of early memory loss, short-term memory loss, a lot of impaired decision making. And there's training that's required. That was part of the bargain for the money. We would not have been able to share my mom's story. Do you think that companies were attracted to this sector of senior care because it had less regulation than nursing homes?

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Life and Death in Assisted Living by A.C. Thompson