Kiss principle in business writing

A perfect piece of written art would be the one which is simple and yet, contains a perfect gist of all the requirements.

kiss principle in software development

I am sure, nobody does. We tend to make things much more complicated than they have to be. Can you apply it in every field?

A businessman must adopt simple measures to get things done from others. The transactional analysis focuses on improving or strengthening the Adult ego state in an individual, so that, he can take problems in his strides, solve them and move on, rather than scold every other person around him, or start pouting or crying.

When a person communicates in a simple and straightforward manner, he easily bonds with the listener.

keep it short and simple communication

If he is shown his mistakes, instead of throwing tantrums or start sulking, he will evaluate his actions and will try to remedy the problem, if any. Indeed, keeping it simple is not an easy task. Simpler brands are rewarded by acquiring more customers and by their loyalty across all business industries.

That way, you will be able to see a confident you!

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what is the kiss principle used in business writing