Killer cover letters and resumes

Harsh as it may sound, the reality is that neglecting your cover letter can lose you that job, no matter how good your resume is. On a side note, you should never really be applying for a full-time position when you are only available as a part-time worker.

how to sell yourself in a cover letter

You need to grab the readers attention, so anything wishy-washy or too vague will be very boring to read and will see your letter consigned to the bin in the first 15 seconds of reading. If you see a job that is worth applying for, always thoughtfully tailor your cover letter to suit the language being used.

Your cover letter is your first impression, and therefore, you want to craft the best darn cover letter your hiring manager has ever seen.

By making your letter conversational in tone and not overly formal, you can demonstrate that you are friendly and approachable.

killer cover letter example

This is what they really want to hear from you in your cover letter. Many college students and recent grads destroy their resumes by accompanying them with halfhearted or downright terrible cover letters.

If you want to get job interviews from your cover letter and at some point, job offers as well!

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This instantly shows the employer that they have a candidate that can hit the ground running. Your cover letter is not the place to tell an employer that you are the president of the narrow-gage model railway society, or captain of you basketball team.

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Killer cover letters and resumes