Key points of the great depression

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The effect of the law was to raise U. One-dish suppers, church potlucks, and soup from free kitchens were common meals for Great Depression-era folk. Roosevelt was elected president and immediately took action with his "New Deal" plan to try and stabilize industrial and agricultural production, create jobs, and stimulate the economy. Bank Runs and the Hoover Administration Despite assurances from President Herbert Hoover and other leaders that the crisis would run its course, matters continued to get worse over the next three years. The Great Depression began with the crash of the stock market in October of How much would you pay to avoid the Great Depression from occurring? The government called in the army to remove the veterans.

Some veterans, with no where else to go, stayed in Washington living in unoccupied building and makeshift camps. The number of African-Americans working in government tripled.

Key points of the great depression

Germany and Italy were hit especially hard. His reputation was tarnished even further as he failed to recognize the severity of the situation, was perceived as insensitive, and failed to take effective measures to address the problems. Led by the former sergeant Walter W. Great Depression Fact Rumors would circulate that a bank was about to collapse. Around , companies went out of business. Many people who lost their homes during the Great Depression lived in shanty towns. Click thumbnail to view full-size Huts and unemployed men in Manhattan in Great Depression Fact The Great Depression peaked between and when things slowly started to improve. Americans were forced to join 'Bread Lines' for free handouts of food, in particular bread.

They peddled the apples on the street. Other causes of the Great Depression have been determined to be the burst of a credit bubble, a weak banking system, and overproduction.

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There were bank runs in the spring and fall of , and in the fall of Franklin D. Great Depression Fact The Great Depression peaked between and when things slowly started to improve. A record On December 5, nearly people marched to Capitol Hill in Washington chanting "Feed the hungry, Tax the rich". Crime Increased During the Great Depression The combination of economic hardship and, up until , prohibition led to a crime boom in the United States. Click thumbnail to view full-size Huts and unemployed men in Manhattan in This, and the high tariffs on imported goods to America led to a massive fall in International trade. People of every age and from all walks of life lived in Hoovervilles, and when not on the futile search for a job, they frequented public charities or begged for food from those who managed to keep their homes. A series of severe droughts caused the Dust Bowl, adding hardship to already struggling farmers living in parts of the U. The worst year of the Great Depression was

Most of these improvised towns were situated close to free soup kitchens and on private property. The crash, taking place in October, followed directly after the London Stock Exchange's crash in September, and signalled the beginning of the year Great Depression which would go on to affect nearly all Western industrialized countries.

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In Germany, the economic chaos caused social and political breakdown and played a part in bringing Hitler's Nazi Socialist Party to power.

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40 Facts about the Great Depression: US History for Kids ***