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In this regard Southeast Bank Ltd. Application form must be filled in order to request for ATM card. In Part IV, an analysis of the deposit growth of the whole Bank as well as Laldighir ParBranch has been provided with graphical presentation. It will be entered in the cash paid sheet in the above manner and cash book under authentication of the manager and the cash officer.

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Instructions in the Either or Survivorship form may be taken in the following manner. Generally the minimum amount to be deposited initially is Taka Interest is charged only for the amount withdrawn and not for the whole amount charged. People with limited income can avail of this credit facility to buy any household effects including car, computer and other consumer durable. Thus within this very short period of time it has been able to create an image and earn significant reputation in the country's banking sector as a Bank with Vision. In a computerized system of accounts, the computer program will provide print report of balance confirmation of Accounts along with a sub-joined part. The interest is charge for the amount drawn and for the amount sanctioned. The background of Southeast Bank Limited, corporate commitments and performance of the Bank over the years has also been provided in this part. Clear Cash Book is written to: Test the arithmetical accuracy of one day transaction. Different types of forms are used for cash deposits for different types of accounts. Crossed Cheque: Those, which can only be paid to a banker for crediting the proceeds to the accounts of its payee is called Crossed Cheque. Other terms and conditions: You need to deposit monthly installment within the 10th of every month.

To develop the report writing skill. Meanwhile if the cheque is already paid the account holder shall be informed immediately.

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In case of cheques the following particulars will be scrutinized: Date Whether postal dated or anti dated Amount in word and figure Crossed or Open Style of signature as available in the ledger Prohibitory or Stop payment of cheque. The customer has to fill up the pay-in-slip at the time of depositing the money to the bank. Although receipt from exchange, commission and Banks charges contribute a fair amount of the profits or commercial Banks, its earning are chiefly derived from interest charged on loans and discount. Traditionally Banks have been following three cardinal principal of lending they are: Safety, Liquidity and Profitability. But it is noted that to get a Chequebook, the customer has to dully fill up the cheque requisition slip to the banker. Meanwhile if the cheque is already paid the account holder shall be informed immediately. The dispatch is primarily divided into two categories: Inward: It means what are receives from the outside. Premature Encashment of FDR is permissible. He can back surplus amount, which he may find with him. Within this time span, I have observed the activities of other competent companies, studied literatures, discussed with my project supervisor and made qualitative and quantitative analysis for my study. It will be complied from the totals of the various books subsidiary to the clear cash book including the day books in which the relative vouchers have been entered in details under authentication and will be checked there form by unauthorized official. The requisition slip shall be sent to the respective Computer Terminal for posting in the respective account. The computer system will guide officials as per program incorporated. At the close of the day, the Security Box containing the chequebooks shall be placed in safe or inside the Strong Room under the supervision of the authorized officers. When sending money is urgent the bank use telephone for remittance.

But as a practice the collection of cheques and bills on behalf of the customer has become one of important function of o bank. No penal interest shall be recovered for premature encashment but usual income tax and excise duty shall be recovered.

On closure of the account the Account opening Form and Specimen Signature Card shall be marked cancelled and preserved in a separate file for future reference.

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It is termed as Call Deposit since organization which opens this account may call withdrawal of the deposited account any time after expiry of the tender period. It is purely a time deposit account. The background of Southeast Bank Limited, corporatecommitments and performance of the Bank over the years has also been provided in thispart. Working procedure for out word mail: Registered the mail in the out word register and put the dispatch number. Withdrawal from the account shall be allowed on the following manner:I. The endorsement must be of the entire instrument. In case of minor, minors legal guardian can operate the account.

The purpose of this internee ship program is to gather a real-life work experience for a period of three months to find out how organizations function.

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