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Showing the unique and distinct characteristic features of the numerical-based Indus script, the city-based renowned scholar said the Indus Valley people had widely used the decimal, additive, multiplicative numerical system in their day-to-day occupations, which were primarily agriculture and animal husbandry.

Carved with a copper or bronze burin, the images on the seals depict powerful animals such as elephants, lions, rhinosceri, and bulls.

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In Mohenjo-Daro brick construction similar to modern brick construction was used. Brick culverts carried dirty water out of the city. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for Sports news, scores and updates.

Humans with the horns of bulls or water buffalos have been found on tokens. Thus far no similar pattern has been discovered with men. Some people wore four-inch-tall terra cotta mother goddess.

Toilets have also been found with brick supports for seats. They were used to meet the accounting needs of farm production and management," Subbarayappa asserted. Sometimes human forms are included.

Minerals, unavailable from the alluvial plainwere sometimes brought in from far afield.

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Mesopotamian seals are exquisitely carved cylinders of stone or metal that look like miniature rotating drums. Fewer inscriptions are found on clay tablets, pottery and metal objects.

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Indus civilization