Ideal future essay

I plan to make something of myself, and not to give up.

my biggest dream for the future

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Five core values of this company are: supporting community trade, defending human rights, prohibiting of animal testing, activating self-esteem, and protecting our planet. It would be a pleasant change to have more women in the family. Not a job, but a dream.

essay on dream world of my future

I would also consult other members of the family, so long as they are not too dictating about it, because after all, it is my and my wife's child, not theirs. We are out of the recession, US is safer and there are more opportunities for education and prosperity for all who are willing to work for it.

Essay my future dream

I am aware there has to be strengths and weakness in a person per this profession and I am aware of some of mine, however; I imagine that there will always be more revealed in strengths and weakness as we move forward into our classes and we actually begin to work with clients The rest of the time we will be traveling around exploring new vistas and meeting with family and friends. I would be creative, using both my left, analytical brain as well as my right-brain, to create these new solutions. Lastly, I would be thrilled to work for a mid-size company that is doing something positive to affect the lives of the community, planet, and well being of others. I would be continuously figuring out new solutions to problems. I have to be able to feed my main addiction and that is travel. I need to work for a company who cares about their employees, and rewards and recognizes hard work and a job well done.

And I will do whatever it takes to achieve it. I want to retrieve preparation as a school counselor because it would be very rewarding career. Leave A Comment.

Ideal future essay

I would like to be progressing towards my Theater major, and maybe a minor in either Game Design, Musical Theater, or Original Works writing plays, films, etc. Job Responsibilities should include: Accountability for total retail chain results, including volume of sales and costs; Maintaining an excellent level of customer service, overseeing loyalty programs, customer satisfaction levels and customer issue resolution statistics; Human capital management, including hiring, motivating, inspiring and developing management staff. I feel content with all that I have done with my life and shared with others. In years, I would like to have written a book—although I have no idea, as of now, of what it would be about. I will also have continued volunteering at Rotary so I can give back to my community. I have a major fear of failure, and I won't let it get to me. I help clients see the big picture while paying attention to the intricate details. Many of these faculty members became role models and major inspirations to me. My ideal family situation would be having a few kids. I anticipate in the future I should have even more time for that. No matter how rewarding your full-time job my ideal future job essay may be, finding the right side business idea and eventually becoming fully self-employed Thesis is even more me.
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My Ideal Future Essay