How to write an email to set up a meeting

John, I am writing with regard to our earlier discussion about launching an ad campaign for your new product — our company has an impressive portfolio with success stories of products quite similar to yours and we would be glad to set up a meeting where we can discuss the matter further.

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Please let me know how I should draft an email for the same? However, you also want to keep this section brief.

Do you have any time to meet this week to go over the goals for the upcoming sales conference? The general rule is to think of email as a way of having a conversation rather than as form of correspondence.

meeting request email sample to manager

Make sure that you yourself are available. I really appreciate that you acknowledge my request and I really hope that we can meet soon. You do that in your second email.

I need help with asking managers if they are going to attend a meeting via webex then to sign and return attached attendance form? Unfortunately, clients--at least the ones you'd actually want to have as clients- aren't that stupid and will probably see right through your attempt to manipulate them.

how to write an email to set up a conference call
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Meeting Request Email Templates (Schedule A Call Using These Emails)