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Few dances can match the sheer brilliance of costume and sound of the jingle dress dance.

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Most Recent About the Author This article was written by a professional writer, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. Now, the fancy steps and body movements similar to those of the Fancy Shawl dancer have come into vogue among Jingle Dress dancers. Dance steps and body movements which are not in time to the music are eaily detected because of the music of the dress itself. Sizes indicated here are for and average height of 5' to 5'4". Knot a ribbon or thin piece of cloth at one end leave three or four inches on the unknotted end and thread it through a jingle cone. Most are fairly straight and simple dresses when seen without the ornamentation. A taller person may require slightly more fabric, so check your pattern before purchasing your fabric. Pride and grace is demanded in the attitude of the dancer, a certain reverence should be exhibited. If the fabric is lightweight, a lining should be used so that it is sturdy enough to hold the jingles. Although one may buy a jingle dress, traditionally a dancer or her family made them. Cover the ends of the ribbons fastening the jingles to the dress with a wider piece of ribbon or decorative fabric. Sew the end of the ribbon onto the dress. Slide the cone off of the pliers. Choose a simple dress pattern. The jingle dress is not only very colorful but provides much of the musical accompaniment for the dance.

Plan the placement of the jingle cones. Dance steps and body movements which are not in time to the music are eaily detected because of the music of the dress itself. The dance style is described quite accurately in the powwow program from Red Earth "This is an example of a very old dance which held a very spiritual meaning, through that meaning is somewhat clouded by time.

Make the dress. These jingles produce a distinct and pleasant ringing sound as they strike each other with the movement of the dancer. Although time consuming, many dancers prefer to roll their own cones so they can achieve a specific sound while they dance.

Sometimes felt ribbonwork appliques are added for extra fancy decoration. Solid colors are the most popular but a small overall print or a jacquard fabric design of same color woven into the fabric, such as red on red is sometimes used.

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This number depends on the size and design style of each individual dress. It can be seen at powwows from Canada To Oklahoma and from Washington to Florida, being popular among many different tribes today.

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'Pure love on the dance floor': Celebrating the jingle dress tradition