How to write a good personification

William Shakespeare uses it throughout Romeo and Juliet.

Sad personification examples

Oreo: Milk's favorite cookie - Oreo Nothing hugs like Huggies - Huggies diapers Goldfish: The snack that smiles back - Goldfish snack crackers Kleenex says bless you - Kleenex facial tissues The car that cares - Kia Unwrap a smile - Little Debbie snack cakes Carvel: It's what happy tastes like - Carvel ice cream Gatorade always wins! He is seen talking and acting human. The flowers were blooming, and the bees kissed them every now and then. The words leapt off of the paper as she read the story. Time creeps up on you. In easy language personification is just giving an example of a living being for a non-living thing. Personification Examples His voice filled up the house like an army of soldiers sent to attack. Before you know it, your student s will master this very fun and creative way to use words! Purpose of Personification As seen by the examples above, personification is used to assign human qualities to things that are not human, but it does not make them behave like a human. The woods are getting ready to sleep — they are not yet asleep but they are disrobing and are having all sorts of little bed-time conferences and whisperings and good-nights. The skyscraper was so tall that it seemed to kiss the sky. Personification ascribes human qualities such as thought, will, and emotion to non-human creatures and inanimate objects.

The following lines make it seem like he thinks and expresses himself like a human. The river swallowed the earth as the water continued to rise higher and higher.

examples of hyperbole

Before you know it, your student s will master this very fun and creative way to use words! See similar articles. For a second example, imagine a student who just aced an exam. In this example, night is given the human qualities of creeping and being silent.

Your overworked friend, Red Crayon Personification in Advertising Personification is commonly used in advertising. When to use Personification Personification can be used in almost all creative writing to describe scenes and indirectly express feelings.

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How to Write a Personification Poem: 10 Steps (with Pictures)