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LED lighting systems have been used for both the exteriors and interiors to ensure a longer life for the systems and therefore less maintenance, with consequent substantial energy and cost savings. The share of know-how, knowledge and cultures have found a new way to be spread. The eloquence of a poem and the easiness of a pop song-the best hotels seem to pull off this balancing act with panache. By this way each part of the hotel may function efficiently until other sections are built. The choice of guest-room floor layout is driven by design, site, and cost considerations. As a general approach, the upscale convention hotels prefer their rooms to be around Katara Hospitality, an international investment fund from Qatar, has acquired the hotel, which consists of a s building and an extension dating from the early s known as the Pirelli Wing. The most common guest-room floor types and their overall efficiencies, as indicated by the guest-rooms percent column. Shopping facilities A travel agency, foreign exchange, bakery, pharmacy, flower shop etc can be provided and blended with the hotel function. As the project moves through the feasibility process, the program becomes increasingly refined and becomes the basis for the schematic design prepared by the architectural team. The most common width for the last several decades has been 3.

Upgraded suites like presidential and congressional suites hold a parlour space of 3 to 8 bays. In general, five-star properties have public areas that are heavily design oriented, with the functional aspects carefully integrated to enhance, yet not dominate the space.

Both in terms of coordination of international marketing, sales and management issues convention hotels are mostly desired when compared with convention centres in United States of America.

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It was the first convention hotel in Delhi. The economy of Bangladesh is labour intensive and the creation of more working opportunities are essential.

Caravanserais supported the flow of commerce, information, and people across the network of trade routes covering Asia, North Africa, and Southeastern Europe, especially along the Silk Road. Page 36 of The guest floors The planning of the typical guest-room floor presents one of the greatest challenges in convention hotel design.

The allocation of space among the principal functions in a hotel varies from property to property, The most obvious difference among properties is the ratio of guest room space to public area space and support area space.

The bed as a central feature becomes a circulation element, evoking spatial fluidity. It should be designed carefully by the quality of space, lighting, accessibility.

Hotel case study architecture

Adaptively, workmanship defects were embraced as part of the aesthetic through finishes intentionally celebrating the raw and rustic look. Separate access through lifts and stairs can be provided specially for this area. Developing an efficient and effective design of these areas is critical for the initial development budget, but this is also a key to long-term guest satisfaction and operating efficiency. Address: 12, Aurangzeb Road, New Delhi 6. View influences the plan from compensatory attraction garden view, recreational focuses should be provided for disadvantaged rooms. The site of the hotel is located at cross roads of main roads. The choice of guest room floor layout is driven by design, site, and cost considerations. To maximize the high site coverage, the ground plane of the site was conceptually manipulated into a mobius strip that would constitute the podium of the hotel. From this moment on, business was no longer limited within the borders of a single continent.

The net width establishes the structural module throughout the building equal either to the width of one room or two rooms which carries through to the public and service areas on the lower floors.

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