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The first thing I noticed, being the social media expert I am, is the rather sizeable logo that I could only remove if I paid for the app. Photos with text are the hottest thing in visual content! Pick photos, videos, colors, fonts and graphics. Once you delve into the app, you see how easy it is to get started with immediate preset styles. Just choose a background, type in your words, and your creative typography is ready! Text Cutouts — Reveal the background image through your text in a tap. On top of that, they have a lot of cool frames and effects too, which I ended up using on the picture of my daughter. Create flyers and posters for your events or organization. Once you are done customizing the image with the font, color, and shapes, you can also add the date and your signature. Price: Free Compatibility: Android 3. Don't let my five stars fool you, there ARE things to be done, but regardless this app is unmatched.

In-app purchases allow you to set and change themes, which are locked in the free version. Your Posts are synced across your computer and mobile devices so you can create and share wherever inspiration strikes.

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You can write text on a picture from your Gallery or use a simple colored background. Stenciled shapes and letters give you a nice cutout effect.

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You can drag the text and position it in any way you want, but more advanced text formatting features aren't provided by the app. They have a lot of controls and settings for managing color, outlines, shadows, symbols, text and lot of other stuff. Don't expect to find a bunch of photo editing features in this app, because it is mainly a tool for adding text to photos, as its name suggests. Keep your photo editor creations in our integrated storage, and continue editing on desktop. Read More 4. Plus, you can easily share your designs via your favorite social platforms, text or email to wow your audience. They are generated randomly as you choose different styles. Anyway, back to business. In addition to a superb font selection, PicLab offers remarkable artwork as well as photo filters and effects that will help you create great photos. Plus, both apps provide unique backgrounds of their own, the ability to choose an image from your camera roll, and quotes to use right in the app. The app boasted 16 free fonts and after sizing my image and picking a quote from our very own Sue Bryce, I started sliding between them to select the perfect one.

They also offer image search right in the app — free, public domain photos from Pixabay. With this app, you can really go crazy. This might be the holy grail of photo editing apps for inspirational Instagram posts.

I have and will recommend this to friends until i run out of breath.

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PicLab allows you to choose from a large collection of fonts, but its users can also resize or rotate the text without having to invest too much effort. However, the large number of different fonts, cool speech bubbles, and superb text formatting features make the Add Text to Photo app one of its kind.

Get started in seconds with professionally designed templates you can tweak with just a few taps. Over offered an excellent value in providing a great many fonts, and to a lesser extent line drawings, for 99 cents.

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Stickrs gives a different, high-quality take on image text, and the variety is welcome. Just shoot or choose your photo and tap the Add Text or Add Artwork tabs. WordSwag is one of the simplest, yet coolest, text on photo apps. In-app purchases allow you to set and change themes, which are locked in the free version. Each color tile adds a tint to the mask and a slider bar adjusts the effect. Hot Articles. Because of the small space in the phone, elements are mostly moved via sliders rather than fingertips. Next up: Do you need an app to add a caption to an image on Instagram? Word Swag for Android users is available here. Auto Resize — Instantly resize your design to perfectly fit each social platform. Do you have any favorites not mentioned here? Stenciled shapes and letters give you a nice cutout effect. This would come handy when using thumbnails because then you could use it and not have to just give up and use a plain image. What's more, you can also select the aspect ratio so that it fits perfectly with your Facebook cover or any other social media you might want to share it on. Boost photo design with fresh, unique graphic stickers.
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The 7 Best Apps to Write on Pictures on iOS and Android