Fake and inferior products

effects of counterfeit goods

Until then, genuine businesses will suffer, customers will suffer, and, indeed, Amazon will suffer. The Internet gives them the reach to sell to consumers globally—outside of the national limits of law enforcement.

Other chemicals used to make fake alcohol include anti-freeze, screenwash and nail polish remover. According to SAIC, it receivedcomplaints from online shoppers inup percent compared with the previous year. There is no magic bullet for this problem, although Practical Ecommerce recently interviewed the founder of a company that is trying to solve it.

Chinese counterfeit products

Regardless, if the problem continues to grow, it will become a real issue. Even for global players like Alibaba, and Amazon, fake products is a big challenge. So long as the item resembles the original quality product, then Amazon lets an unscrupulous retailer list its offer on the same page. Too good to be true? Newspaper headline: War waged on fake goods Posted in:. Guo Shaojun, a lawyer at the Beijing-based Jingsh Law Firm, told the Global Times that the legal costs to consumers to protect their rights in court can make the fight hardly worthwhile. Artisans and highly skilled workers that work at these ateliers are incredibly expensive and if customers choose to purchase knock offs instead of the real product, funds start to deplete and stores close down, and people are not hired, creating a high rate of unemployment in the economy. And who can forget the baby milk scandal that rocked China back in ; when the chemical compound, melamine normally found in plastics and fertilizers , was discovered in baby milk formula, taking the lives of 6 infants and making , babies ill.

But there are two problems with this. There will be no place for inferior products, and the manufacturers and sellers of these products will be punished by law, Li vowed.

Fake and inferior products

Criminal networks are involved with counterfeiting—which leads to hundreds of sites selling the same products on various servers. Phone chargers can catch fire. While online brand protection is but one part of the overall jigsaw, for the SME it is the quickest, most cost-effective way to make an impact — proving to the counterfeiters that this brand owner is not to be messed with! It may force Amazon to police its sellers much more thoroughly. Then in , it was counterfeited. So even if brands have no formal, registered IP, if their images are being used to sell copy products, proving the image is stolen should result in its removal. Luxury items in particular are being bought for what the items mean more than for what the items actually are. He says few lawyers are "willing to take such cases involving only a couple of hundred or a thousand yuan. In view of this, we remove all MyMB product specification such as Gain, Power, noise figure and etc to prevent customers compare those inferior product with our product and get cheated by those faked specification. Beware of Fake and Inferior Mobile Signal Booster Product Beware of Fake and Inferior Mobile Signal Booster Product We notice there are many duplicated, fake and inferior mobile signal booster products available in the market, their exterior may looks decent in the photo or some even looks similar to our product, but inside the casing it is totally another story.

ITEM HARM Fake perfume and aftershave They often contain poisonous chemicals that can cause allergic reactions, such as burning and swelling of the skin, and pose a real danger to your health. These goods are made from scraps and leftover materials from the genuine products, produced illegally, and sold on the black market.

Thereby identifying a definite gap in the market for SMEs to have access to an affordable, effective online brand protection service I am the CEO and founder of Mallzee Insights - the UK's most comprehensive retail insights business, using the largest dataset of customer product opinion to help improv So what about rich people?

counterfeit goods china

They can hide behind the anonymity of the Internet—with the Dark Web even their IP addresses can be hidden. The OECD states that counterfeit products encompass all products made to closely imitate the appearance of the product of another as to mislead consumers.

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Fake and illegal goods