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A vote for a Democrat is nothing but a vote for a Dixiecrat. He's brave when he's got bombs. You wouldn't be in this country if some enemy hadn't kidnapped you and brought you here.

And then you have the audacity to complain about poor housing in a rundown community, while you're running down yourselves when you take your dollar out. And he says anybody who believe in him, you go wherever you find him.

Of the 16 senatorial committees that run the government, 10 of them are in the hands of southern segregationists.

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He keeps us divided in order to conquer us. Our gospel is black nationalism. Introduction: Though almost half a century has passed, the Civil Rights Movement remains one freshly imprinted in not only the history books of US schools but also in the minds of countless Americans.

The time when white people can come in our community and get us to vote for them so that they can be our political leaders and tell us what to do and what not to do is long gone.

Because the civil rights legislation is supposed to guarantee boarding rights to Negroes from those states. This is how many people view the life of Malcolm X. The militant radical whose image once provoked fear and hatred among many white Americans was celebrated in mainstream movie theaters, on Black History Month posters in elementary school classrooms, and on a postage stamp issued by the United States government.

This government has failed us.

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In , Malcolm Little was sent to prison for burglary. But today, as your eyes come open, and you develop political maturity, you're able to see and think for yourself, and you can see that a Dixiecrat is nothing but a Democrat — in disguise. You run into the same thing. I'm still a Muslim. Malcolm's mother, Louise, battled mental illness and struggled to care for her eight children during the Great Depression. A rhetorical device he used was repetition. Nah, you're out of your mind. He publicly blamed the Nation of Islam and predicted he would be killed.
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Essay on Malcom X's The Ballot of the Bullet