Essay on brain drain should be stopped

We have been blessed with a good intelligence and not only for salary but one should always look forward to contributing to the society he has been brought up in. As he got more and better opportunity the persons not only grow rather whole his family grows which in turn develope whole world.

But our young stars are being dismantled to study abroad.

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If they had contributed even half as much in the development of India, the country would have been in a better shape currently. These lists are not complete.

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Conclusion The countries and organizations facing major brain drain problem should analyze the factors responsible for the same and work upon improving the conditions to avoid this issue. The government should have to take a proper step to stop brain drain. So every government should facilitate smart brain to stop brain -drain. Many undeserving people from the reserved category secure highly paid jobs while the deserving candidates have to settle for lesser paying ones. There are two types of people one who migrate for study or job and not qualified or not skilled to get work in their own country and second are who migrated for higher study or high paying job who is already qualified or skilled to get work in their own country, but for high quality of work or study they used to migrate. For me, when they have enough of what they needed, should get back to their country and help it get better on their own without bothering the corrupt system. They advertise about scholarships which are made to fool our students and empower their student base migrated from India. That eventually benfits our country by his working as Governor of RBI.

Far are not those days when we again will be underdeveloped and accountability will still remain on us. Brain drain can be described as the process in which a country loses its most educated and talented workers to other countries through migration.

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The Government must see that the working environment provided, and appreciation be given to good work.

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Brain Drain has to be stopped